5 Brands Killing It On Social Media

5 brands (3)

I recently listened to this podcast about the art of ‘conversational copywriting’. This is the idea that online marketing should be about having a conversation with your audience, rather than treating the web as a broadcast medium.  Nick Usborne, who coined the term, believes that “when done in any way [it] is disarming. It removes barriers. People feel more comfortable.”

This got me thinking about the brands I follow online and how some of them succeed so well in removing barriers that their posts could be mistaken for a friend’s. A few of my favourites include:

  1. PropertyPal

    It seems like a week doesn’t go by where I don’t log in to Facebook and see someone sharing a post by PropertyPal. Their unexpected captions always make me chuckle, 10/10 for having the creative brain power (and humour) to post several of these updates a day. They have taken an industry that is naturally very product or sales focused and given it a sharp and witty personality.

  2. Netflix

    Netflix are brilliant at having their finger on the pulse when it comes to social media. They’re like your mate who posts the best memes about the show they’re currently obsessed with. They join in on the conversations their users are having and understand and utilise the two-way relationship that social media facilitates.

    3. Innocent Drinks

    Always one of my favourite Twitter accounts, Innocent nail being relevant. They love to tweet about things like the weather, time of year and day of the week, which may sound boring, but it’s the kind of content that is super shareable. Because we just can’t help talking about the weather, can we?


    4. Halo Top Creamery

    Halo Top have seen the memes and they speak the lingo. And they pair it with gorgeous product photography of their decadent ice cream worthy of any Insta-influencer’s feed. It’s not groundbreaking, but it’s polished and pleasing. Plus, their new TV ads are filled with relatable millennial angst and really nail their positioning of ‘ice cream for adults.’


  1. ASOS

    It’s not surprising that a brand who define their target audience as “the twenty-something […] avid consumer and communicator who is inspired by friends, celebrities and the media,” knows how to handle social media. They’re quick to jump on trends and often use the platform to engage their followers in conversation. They know their tone of voice and use it to reinforce their brand.


Are there any brands that you follow who do a great job on social media? Let me know!